Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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'The Old Church'

(Small - 7" x 12" embossed giclée print)
£14.99 G.B.P. (approx. $27 U.S.D.)

(Large - 13.5" x 18" embossed giclée print)
£24.99 G.B.P. (approx. $45 U.S.D.)

NARRATIVE ON PRINT - The Old Church, the church of the parish of Arbroath, was completed about the year 1590—perhaps a year or two earlier, soon after Arbroath was erected into a parish separate from St. Vigeans. It is the oldest existing place of worship in the town.

The church was enlarged in 1762, when the south wall was rebuilt. It occupies a site in the south-west angle of what was formerly the precinct of the Abbey, and a small tower which had stood there from the times of the Abbey was until 1830 the church tower, and was surmounted by a wooden steeple. The tower was removed in that year to make way for the present spire.
(Notes by George Hay, 1883)
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The Round-O

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