Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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'Arbroath, from Ladyloan Ropework'

(Small - 9" x 9" embossed giclée print)
£14.99 G.B.P. (approx. $27 U.S.D.)

(Large - 18.5"x14" embossed giclée print)
£24.99 G.B.P. (approx. $45 U.S.D.)

NARRATIVE ON PRINT - The building with the tower, shown in the picture, is the Bell Rock Signal Tower, which includes a residence for the families of the lightkeepers. The stones for the Bell Rock Lighthouse were all prepared in a yard in Ladyloan.

'One horse, the property of James Craw, a labourer in Arbroath, is believed to have drawn the entire materials required for the building. This animal latterly became a pensioner of the Lighthouse Commissioners, and was sent by them to graze on the island of Inchkeith, where it died of old age in 1813. Dr. John Barclay, the celebrated anatomist, had its bones collected and arranged in his museum, which he bequeathed at his death to the Royal College of Surgeons, and in their Museum at Edinburgh the skeleton of the Bell Rock horse may yet be seen.'
(Notes by George Hay, 1883)
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The Round-O

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