Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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'The Pint Stoup ; or, the Deil's Heid'

(Small - 9" x 9" embossed giclée print)
£14.99 G.B.P. (approx. $27 U.S.D.)

(Large - 17.5" x 14" embossed giclée print)
£24.99 G.B.P. (approx. $45 U.S.D.)

NARRATIVE ON PRINT - Further eastward, a little way, from a huge projecting mass of rock of striking appearance, called the Horseshoe Cliffs, there is a high stack or pillar of rock, called the Devil's Head, and sometimes the Pint Stoup. The space between the cliff and the stack is called Duncan's Door. At a certain point in the offing it has the appearance of an open door, and is a landmark to fishermen and mariners. Grass, as fresh and beautiful as any on the braes, grows on the top of this otherwise bare red rock. (Notes by George Hay, 1883)
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The Round-O

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