Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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(Small - 9" x 9" embossed giclée print)
£14.99 G.B.P. (approx. $27 U.S.D.)

(Large - 18.5"x14" embossed giclée print)
£24.99 G.B.P. (approx. $45 U.S.D.)

NARRATIVE ON PRINT - The siege of Redcastle in 1579, and the acts of violence which followed later, resulting in the burning of part of the buildings, must have made the castle to a considerable extent ruinous. The barony, with the castle, became the property of Ruthven of Gardyne before the middle of the seventeenth century ; it was subsequently in the hands of the Earl of Northesk ; but was purchased by the Countess, lady Mary Hamilton, for the Panmure estate in 1724.

The castle, or a part of it, is said to have been roofed down to about 1770. Its last occupant was the Rev. James Rait, who was minister of Inverkeilor at the Revolution. (Notes by George Hay, 1883)
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The Round-O

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