Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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POEM - 008
'Elliot Stream'
G. W. Donald


AIR—'The Hills and Dales o' Galloway.'

BY Elliot, where the birken bush
Hangs o'er you mossy bank so green,
To screen the lintwhite and the thrush
Amang its downy leaves at e'en :
I love to wander by this bower
When gloamin' steals alang the plain,
And brings the dear, the sacred hour
When Mary's charms are a' my ain.

The cowslip blooms in Kelly Den
To kiss her gentle feet sae sma' ;
The foxglove hangs o'er ilka fen
To let the dewy pearl fa' :
Sae fa's the meltin' lover's tear
When leal the heart that's beatin' fain ;
To bless those raptured moments dear
When Mary's charms are a' my ain.

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The rising moon, the stars aboon
Blink bonnie o'er the surging brine ;
The lauchin' burn glints gaily doon
When Mary's hand is locked in mine.
Let Fortune fling her golden ba',
And sour Ambition swell her train ;
Mair blest than a' shall be my fa'
When Mary's charms are a' my ain.
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The Round-O

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