Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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Framed print for illustrative purposes only.

Old Aberbrothock - The Harbour, The Shore and Towernook

Publishers Stamp
Artists of Scotland Fine Art Publishers

Certificate of Authenticity
Each print comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity

A glimpse back
at 'Aberbrothock'

Originally published in 1883 these quality giglée reproductions show a unique glimpse into Arbroath’s past, as well as its surrounding areas in Angus, Scotland.

Original edited notes by George Hay (1831-1906) describing the scene are found at the bottom of each print. Some prints may alternatively feature poems written by local authors of the same period.

All of the prints are authenticated with the new publishers official stamp, a classic blind embossed emblem showing the Scottish thistle, and are ideal as unique gifts from Scotland.
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The Round-O

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