Round about the Round-O 1880. Arbroath's yesteryear in print

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The below extracts were printed Saturday, 1st December, 1906.

Mr George HayF.S.A. SCOT

Editor of
Round about the Round O with its Poets'.

Mr Hay was born in Edinburgh on 9th March 1831. He was educated at a private academy kept by a namesake, Mr David Hay, who in his day was well known in Edinburgh as a sound scholar and able teacher.

After leaving school he was apprenticed to a printer, and learned all the practical work of the business. In those days hours of work were long, and lads had little time for self improvement but even then the literary tastes which afterwards became so marked were strong in the boy, and what leisure he had was devoted to the study of literature both by reading and writing.

He made the acquaintance, too of others having like tastes, amongst whom were Thomas Buncle, afterwards proprietor of T. Buncle & Co. Ltd.

In 1860 Mr Hay received the appointment of editor of the 'Courier and Argus,' Dundee. He found, however, that the strain of the night work especially was telling upon his health, and in November 1862 he accepted the editorship of the 'Arbroath Guide,' then owned and printed by T. Buncle & Co. Ltd.
An old Scottish book

In 1883 Mr Buncle issued from his press a sumptuous volume entitled 'Round About the Round O with its Poets', which was edited, with notes, by Mr Hay, and had many exquisite drawings by an Arbroath man, Mr John Adam, of Edinburgh, reproduced by Amand Durand, Paris. Into this book the editor put a great deal of excellent work.

Mr Hay remained in the employment of Buncle during the long period of forty-four years until his death in 1906 aged 75.

Framed print for illustrative purposes only.

Quality prints of Aberbrothock. Archivable for more than 75 years.

Extracts from Mr George Hay's notes appear at the bottom of each republished 'Round O' print, describing the scene as it was then in the 19th century. A unique glimpse into Arbroath's past.

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The Round-O

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